Aluminum cleaning & finishing
  • zero discharge
  • clean strip less than 15 mg/² residuals
  • no chemicals
  • spill containment

The only process Technology Manufacturer able to clean Aluminum with an exclusive Hot  Water and High Pressure cleaning system, that is environmentally friendly using the latest Filtration Technology.

Our Team is the World's leading Manufacturer of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Surface Treatment & Finishing Process Machines for Coil and Plate Aluminum.

We have developed a process to clean Aluminum using only Water as a Medium trough years of research & Development to provide an optimum solution.

  • 3-5 meters in length
  • width depends on customers material
  • clean and degrease without chemical additives
  • zero discharge
  • remove oil and smut from the cleaning medium and recycle the medium
  • spill containment
  • small foot print-suitable for easy line retrofit


strip width 100 - 2100 mm
strip thickness 0,1 - 8 mm
line speed 1 - 500 meters per min


type HWHP 10 - 20 mg/m² residuals
 when augmented with non-abrasive brushing
type HWHP +brushing          5 - 15 mg/m² residuals
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The alkaline process involves an alkaline spray tank. Followed by a brushing unit before entering the final rinse stages. A filtering system effectively removes oil and smut from the water and is reheated and recycled.

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Aluminum Plate deburring

Aluminum sheets & plates are deburred and surface finished on a type "PB abrasive brush system.

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Aluminum sheet  deburring


Flat Aluminum Parts for Aircraft Industry.                                                        

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Brush machines Type "BM"


with quick change brush & back-up roll feature for high production. continious process lines.

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Brush machines Type "FL-750"


Heavy Duty construction & separated drive motors stand ensures no vibration of the cantilever design for abrasive or non-abrasive brushing.

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Balanced Filtration System

  • System removes surface dirt particles & suspended forms of oil.
  • Water filtered and reciculated continiuosly trough the system creating no easte water.
  • Self cleaning system designed inside the tank to avoid the build up of collected dirt.
Type "FBF"
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High efficient strip dryers

  • Sound & Heat insulated steel frame.
  • Special design of air knives produce consistant results in different strip width & thickness.
  • Do not require additonal heat elements to dry strip surface.
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Send us a sample of your material with your
operating conditions and requirements.
We will develop in our Lab.

An optimum recommendation to consistently clean your material.