Automatic brushing machine for cleaning pressplates and multilayer pressplates


The comprehensive cleaning of press plates as a prerequisite of the de-mand for ever-increasing standards of quality up to a zero fault production.
  Automatic brushing
machine for pressplates

Plant requirement

The highest achievable quality in correspondence with maximum pro-cess throughput, high efficiency and availability.  


WESERO press plate brushing machines are specially designed for press plates used in the production of copper laminates and multi layers. There strong construction is adapted from our machine tools. Our customers profit by developments and experience gained over decades. Big brush diameter, high rotation as well as appropriate strong brush drive in conjunction with special developed brushes repre-sent the most efficient technique for removing resin debris from the pla-tes. The PLC enables a fully automatic production without operator and the link to main plant controls of complex production lines. 
   Automatic - water recirculating and filtration system

Plant automation

After automatic loading on the driven input conveyor the plate will be transported through a tractable conveyor system into the wet brushing station. Fully automatic brush pressure adjustment . Special functions. Recyc-ling and filtrating of cooling and rinsing water . Final rinsing . Energy -efficient drying zone. Edge-true stacking on a pallet truck or incorpo-ration into an automatic press plate handling system.
  • No prior plate sorting because of thickness differences or different dimensions.
  • Optimized cleaning effect.
  • Special cleaning plants available for vertical edges of plates and for resin removal in and around reference holes.
  • PLC including visualization
  • High plant availability and security of process.
  • Almost 100% water recycling achieved with efficient filtration systems - only small water amounts to be added.