What you should know about grinding and buffing systems
about precision plate material grinding machines
Precision Grinding & Buffing machines, for the Reduction to a pre-determined thickness, Surface-roughening to enhance adhesive properties, Produc-tion of decorative film & laminates, of continuous strip or discrete lengths from Rubber, thermoplastics, Phenolic, melamine and epoxy-resin glass-fibre based laminates Fabrics, imitation leather, fleese, textiles.  More Information
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... about Precision Grinding & Buffing machines
Easy access to the working compart-ment with upper machine frame hinged and pivolted pneumatically. This can be done without the need of roller gap resetting. Joints in work piece or strip can be simply fed through the machine without grinding roller contact.
  • Limited floor space require-ments.
  • Design available with grind-ing roller either above or below work piece, or two grinding rollers acting above and below the pass line with power conveyed operation.
  • Nominal operating width up to 3000 mm.
  • Reversible conveyor drive system.
  • Special construction available for the processing of very thin, flexible, mate-rials.
  • For thin, flexible materials, the web is directed over and around a roller in a wide, adjustable arc against the grinding roller.
  • Removal and discharge of grinding dust-through light-metal, low-resistant air trunking within the machine and in connection with modern, low-consumption, low--noise level extraction plant.
...about the grinding drum
  • The selection of abrasive material, of silicon-carbide or aluminium-oxide on paper, linen or fabric, is determined by the application.
  • For example for roughening surfaces, abrasives having a grit size of between 16 and 60 are used, whereas for very fine surface finishing and for decorative laminates a grit size of between 80 and 280 is recommended .
  • Greatest possible operational smoothness by virtue of electro-dynamically balanced grinding rollers.
  • Specially developed system for quickly changing and tensioning the abrasive web by using rotatable spring-loaded tension heads.
  • By this means the abrasive web is constantly held in tension during normal grinding operations.
  • The grinding drum consists of a precision body, dynami-cally balanced, internally water-cooled, and with an oscillation device. Fitted on both sides with automatic abrasive paper equipment which enables paper to be replaced quickly.
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...about the conveyor system
BeNoteworthy design characteristics of WESERO machines: The conveyor system, incorporating either a Disco-drive with mechanical speed regulation or a thyrister-con-trolled DC drive motor, each allowing long routine service Intervals .
  • From the WESERO main spur gear box a uni-form drive by means of cardan shafts to the conveyor feed rollers and to the pressure rollers: the axial oscillation of the main grinding/buffing rollers by geared motor units. The eccentric (oscillating) head ist shown at.
  • The WESERO principle of applying cooling water for the high-performance grinding/buffing rollers.
  • Parallel roller adjustment for the work-piece thickness control, actuated either by geared -motor units or by lightly loaded geared handwheels located on one side of the machine only. The distance between grinding and pressure rollers monitored by a mechanical indicator. Accuracy 1/10 mm: digital display available.
  • The transport rollers are driven over he WESERO spur wheel power take-off gear by means of cardan shafts and guarantees absolutely synchronous running.
  • All drives can be accessed by swivelling the top of the machine.
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...about special machines
Toothed transport belts, Tubes,Webbing material.
...and special applications
Grinding and Sanding Machine Typ TS/2-300 with 2 sanding stations.
Working widths 1500/1750/2000/2200/2400 mm.
Production speeds : 6-60 m/min
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