Filtration and Regeneration systems
  • Diatomite filter type PUROMAT
  • Sand filter
  • Gravel filter
  • Candle filter
  • Bag filter
  • Tape filter
  • Rotreg - Pickle Regeneration System
  • WESERO-Rk-Systems
Diatomite filter type PUROMAT

for copper-contaminated recirculated water of brushing machines. Our fully automatic closed-loop filtration system PUROMAT achieves almost 100 percent water reclamation and recirculation. Usually the addition of the evaporated or carried off water by fresh water is sufficient. The supplement succeeds automatically. Diatomite is used as filtering aids. The filtration effectiveness is down to 0.5 micron with a metallic copper residual of less than 1 ppm (1 mg/l). The PUROMAT is especially designed for the WESERO brushing system UNIVERSAL and represents a fully integratable module without the necessity of a separate location. Beyond it the PUROMAT as a self-sufficient filtration system can be used in addition to other articles. A separate erection is possible as well.

Automatic water recirculation and filtration system / Sand filter

The plant achieves almost 100 percent water reclamation and recirculation in the press plate cleaning application by filtrating the service water. The system consists of two supply bins, a dirty water pump, a sand filter, machine supply pump and electro-pneumatic controlled valve mechanism. The bins are made of welded plastic and are located beside the filter. The dirt water of the brushing machine drains into the dirt water tank. Fresh water supply is controlled by level switches.

Gravel filter

The gravel filters are available as single- or double-gravel filters. For continuous operation reversible double gravel filters or combination filters are produced. The gravel filter is equipped with a back-washing which extends the life of the bulk decisively. The gravel is located in a closed strainer-tray which prevents the gravel from being washed out.

Candle filter

Candle filters are available in two performances, for the application of PP-candles and gap-sieve-candles. PP-candles are laid out for the range of fine-filtration, gap-sieve-candles for rough-filtration. Our candle filters are produced referring to customer's desire of the materials PP and stainless steel. As well at the choice of connections and fixtures we act according to customer's wishes.

Bag filter

Our bag filters are available in three different standard sizes and are according to customer's desire made of the materials PP or stainless steel. As well at the choice of the connections and fixtures we adapt customer's wishes. The bag filters are delivered as single-, double- or reversible double filters. The single and double filters are laid out for interrupted motion, the reversible double filter for continuous motion.

Tape filter

Tape filters are delivered completely with store tank and dirty tank. The band filter and the store tank can be delivered open or completely covered. The total filter is constructed of stainless-steel. Its fabrication is also possible of the materials PP or normal steel. The suspension is fed in the middle by the feeding case. The central feeding grants a better distribution and so better filtration. The paper transport is carried out by a gearing motor with float switch.

Rotreg-regeneration system - Prevention and reduction - a benefit for pickling and etching plants

The legislation aimed at re-establishing the ecological equilibrium will doubtlessly be standardized throughout Europe. Objectives such as relief for the environment from pollutants, higher levels of operation safety and health protection and drastic reductions in the emissions of pollutants will characterize the legislation of the future.


You can take steps to optimize your production today. Make improvements also by preventing and reducing. Ask about the ROTREG process.

Constant bath quality, considerably reduced disposal costs and a uniform, improved product quality are just a few of the benefits which the WESERO regeneration system offers.


WESERO-Rotreg Rotation electrode regeneration

  • Metals from sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid or mixed acids
  • losed-loop regeneration for pickling media
  • recovery of copper, zinc and other metals

For metal recovery in recirculating rinses after pickling process with bulk cathodes.